How to find the right Logitech keyboard for back to school

How to find the right Logitech keyboard for back to school

Logitech keyboards have always been my go-to when looking for a new keyboard. They’re comfortable to use, easy to set up, and have ergonomic features to reduce strain on your wrists. I love how you can connect via Bluetooth and that connection stays strong, and there are a variety of keyboard and mouse combos you can choose too.

With back to school almost here it’s a great time to look for a new keyboard. I’ve unboxed and set up several different types that would be perfect for classes this year. With two kids in university, I’ve got a few favourites that would be perfect for my son’s PC and my daughter’s iPad. Here’s a look at the Logitech keyboards I just set up and the features that set them apart.

I tested out several Logitech Bluetooth keyboards and they all set up the same way. You unbox your keyboard or keyboard and mouse and you’ll take the included Bluetooth adapter and plug it into a USB port on your computer. Once it’s plugged in, you’ll turn the keyboard or keyboard/mouse on and your Bluetooth adapter will connect.

The entire process is seamless, and all of the Logitech Bluetooth keyboards I set up connected almost instantly. The connection stayed strong and I never experienced any lag or drop. Most of the keyboards and mice I tested out used batteries for power, with the exception of the MX Keys S which uses USB-C to charge.

Here’s a breakdown of each Logitech Bluetooth keyboard I tested out and how they work.

The MX Keys S Master Series is available as a single keyboard or as a combo with a mouse. The MX Keys S is a sleek keyboard with great overall style, and it has a number pad on the right hand side. The bottom of the keyboard has a ridge to give you a bit of elevation, so your hands are angled slightly when you use it. The bottom of the keyboard also has grips to keep it in place on your desk. I spent a few hours typing on it and I’m a huge fan of the angled design. It’s elevated enough that it gives my wrists a bit of a break.

There are quite a few things I love about this keyboard. It has illuminated keys so they are easy to see in the dark, but it also has a unique twist on backlighting. It has a proximity sensor so it will only light up when your hands approach the keyboard. This is such a cool feature. Not only does it save on battery power but it’s nice that the keyboard fades away when you step back from your desk.

The keys are spherically dished so they have a slight indent on each. It’s very comfortable to type on the Logitech MX Keys S. Keystrokes are almost silent and I love having easy access to a number pad. There are also programmable keys on this keyboard. You can use the Logi Options+ software to set up your custom keys, and you can even set up smart actions where you tap one button to instruct it to perform a series of actions.

The Logitech MX Keys S lets you have multiple Bluetooth connections, so you don’t have to forget one device to use the keyboard with another. You can pair it with 3 devices and switch seamlessly between them.

I set up the Logitech MX Keys S Combo too. The difference between the solo MX Keys S and the combo is the combo includes the MX Master 3S mouse and the MX Keys wrist pad. The wrist pad isn’t attached so you can move it to the perfect spot for your wrists. It’s very comfortable, with just the right amount of cushioning.

The MX Master 3S mouse is a user-friendly mouse. I tested it out for a few hours and really liked it. It feels nice in my palm, is very responsive, and it has a lot of features you can use for school.

The scrolling on this mouse is speed adaptive. According to Logitech, you can scroll through 1,000 lines per second using the Magspeed scroll wheel. There are two settings you can use—ratchet and hyper fast scroll. Ratchet scrolling lets you scroll through text line by line so you don’t miss anything and hyper fast scrolling blazes down a page of content so you can get through it in a hurry. There are also seven buttons including a gesture button and an app-switch button.

It takes a bit to learn the different features of the mouse but once you do you can enjoy a completely customized workflow. This keyboard/mouse combo will also connect to multiple devices so you can copy content from one device and paste it on another.

The Logitech MK850 is a keyboard/mouse combo with a built-in wrist rest. Where the MX Keys S is long and straight, the MK850 has a bit of a curve and two feet on the bottom you can push up for elevation or leave down to use it flat.

It’s a well-laid-out keyboard with concave keys and a comfortable feel. It’s quiet when striking the keys and I like the cushion of the wrist support. It’s wide enough that you’ll be supported anywhere you place your wrists. This keyboard doesn’t have backlit keys but it does have three white buttons near the keypad you can use to switch between devices. I love how these Logitech keyboards let you sync multiple Bluetooth devices so you can switch or carry content between your different devices. You can just tap the 1, 2, or 3 button to switch. It also has key labels that identify the different functions you’re used to for Windows or Mac computers so you can use it for either.

The Logitech MK850 uses batteries, but you get extra long battery life. The keyboard should last up to 36 months and the mouse should last up to 24 months. Batteries are included with both so you can just turn them on and begin using them. The Bluetooth adapter connects both mouse and keyboard via one USB port.

The Logitech MK850 mouse has eight buttons and a Hyper-fast scroll wheel. While not quite as fast as the MX Master 3S mouse, it does give you speedy scrolling through all types of content. The mouse also has three-device compatibility you can switch with a tap on the mouse.

Out of all the Logitech keyboards I took a look at, the MK470 Slim Combo is one of my favourites. I like white keyboard, and the style of this combo is very similar to the Mac keyboard and mouse I use on my desktop. It’s also available in pink and black.

This is a much more compact keyboard than the others, but it has a great layout that doesn’t miss a thing. There is a numbered keypad on the right side and it has low-profile keys. It feels and sounds a lot like I’m typing on my MacBook—not too loud and soft to strike. Like the MX Keys S, it has an elevated design and pads on the bottom to protect your wrists from strain and stop it from sliding.

The MK470 mouse is smaller than the other two Logitech combo mice, and I really like the minimalist design. It has three buttons and a mechanical scroll wheel, and it’s so quiet when you click it that you can barely hear it. It’s also small enough to fit in a pocket so you can take it anywhere.

This is the type of Logitech Bluetooth keyboard combo I would choose for my daughter’s iPad or to pair with my iMac. It has an extremely long battery life, and you can use the keyboard for 36 months and the mouse for 18 months before needing to swap out.  

The Logitech ERGO K860 is the most unique keyboard I’ve ever seen. It has a curved and split shape with an arch in the middle, so it lifts your finger by design. There is an ample wrist rest that’s very comfortable and it has two feet you can use to elevate the keyboard even more. This keyboard is designed with a scientific approach, and it’s shaped this way so you can place your wrists and fingertips in a more natural, comfortable way.

This keyboard is designed for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of the computer, and it takes a bit to get used to it if you’ve only had flat keyboards. Once you get used to it you will probably never go back to other keyboards. It really does place your hands in a comfortable position, and I like how quiet the keys are. You can barely hear them as you’re typing.

Like other Logitech Bluetooth keyboards, the Logitech ERGO K860 will connect to multiple devices and has numbers 1,2, and 3 on the keyboard so you can switch with a tap. It also has a keypad and Mac/Windows buttons for full compatibility.

Each Logitech Bluetooth keyboard I tried out was unique in its own way, and I liked each for its different features. My favourite out of all is the MX Keys S as I really like the flat style with backlighting. I love the proximity sensor and how it will turn the backlight on when you approach or how you can dim it using Logitech software.

All of the keyboards I looked at are very comfortable to use and would be great for back to school. You can use these with your PC, Mac computer, laptop, or tablet. With a range of 10 meters, I even hooked a keyboard up to my TV and used it with the built-in web browser and the entire experience was seamless.

You can find Logitech keyboards and mice at Best Buy right now.

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