Celebrate Intel Gamer Days and enter for a chance to win a powerful gaming laptop

Celebrate Intel Gamer Days and enter for a chance to win a powerful gaming laptop

Inter Gamer Days is your opportunity to learn which Intel powered computer is right for you. From August 18th to September 4th, Intel Gamer Days brings savings on Intel based laptops and opportunities to learn more about Intel processors. Computing technology is constantly improving and Intel is leading the way with new processors every year. In this article, I’ll help you to understand these processors so you can more easily decide which computer to purchase. Read about the difference between 12th gen and 13th gen Intel processors, then enter for a chance to win one of two laptops: these are two of the most powerful gaming laptops you can find be sure to follow the directions below carefully for the best chance to win.

The processor is arguably the most important part of the computer. Does this scenario sound familiar: your old computer becomes sluggish, taking a lot longer to start, is slow to open programs seemingly remaining frozen, doing nothing for long periods of time. This is likely caused by a processor that can no longer keep up with the demands that the software programs are making. Those programs get updated regularly over the internet and those updates often require up-to-date processors to work smoothly. So your old processor didn’t stop working: it’s working as hard as it can but it’s just getting asked to do way more than it was originally designed to do.

New Intel processors are designed to handle the demands of modern software programs. Intel has a range of new processors, from their Core i5 to their Core i9, optimized for different use cases. The first thing to know is that i9 is faster than i7 and both are faster than i5. That doesn’t mean everyone should run out and spend the extra money on the fastest processor. Here is my take on which one is best for you.

If you use your computer for school or work, as a general purpose productivity machine, then the Core i5 is likely perfect for your needs. It will not only be fast, whether you are using any Microsoft office program, web browser, or email application, it will play music and streaming TV and movies with ease. In fact, the newest generation of Intel’s Core i5 processors will be future friendly: it’ll perform great for the full duration of a university degree!

If you intend to use your new computer to play the latest high-performance video games, then your should be looking at the newest Core i7 processors. These have 16 processing cores (four more than the Core i5) and more cores equates to more processing power. You’ll need that power for the latest games which put some of highest demand on computers of any software you can use. With the newest Core i7 processor in your computer, you’ll be able to play almost any game available just as well as any professional gamer: the only limit to your gaming performance will be your skill.

Another very demanding task is live streaming. Content creators with a fast computer produce professional looking video streams and can more easily build their audience. If you intend to create content for fun of for profit, you’ll likely want a faster processor in your new computer like the two prizes we are giving away: both have Core i7 processors!

Do you want the fastest computer … one that will handle really demanding tasks today and for many years to come? The Core i9 processor is likely what you want. It has 24 cores to ensure no matter how demanding the task—gaming, visual design, complex science or math applications—it will exceed your expectations. So if you demand the fastest, if you are a design guru, if you are a professional gamer, or aspire to be one, then the i9 will be worth the investment.

This is another excellent question you may have. Last year at this time I wrote about how the 12th gen processors were a huge leap forward in processor design compared to the 11th gen processors. The improvement came from a new hybrid architecture grouping a number of performance cores (designed for demanding tasks) with efficiency cores (designed to handle maintenance and less demanding tasks) all working simultaneously for faster performance than had previously been possible. In the last year, Intel improved on the design of that hybrid architecture and released the 13th gen line of processors. These brought a huge leap in performance again (up to 24% improvement over 12th gen processors). If you purchase a computer with a 12th gen Intel processor, you will likely save some money and will be getting a very decent laptop. However, if you purchase a computer with a 13th gen Intel processor, you will likely spend a little more and get what you pay for with faster performance for many years of fun and productivity.

Best Buy has a huge selection of computers, and these come with a variety of different Intel processor lines. In fact, you can still find 10th gen Intel processor computers at Best Buy. I personally don’t recommend you get one of those if you intend to put it to work for a full university degree. Spend a little more, if you can.

I suggest you shortlist a few computers with 12th gen processors and a few with 13th gen processors, compare their specs (memory, storage, etc) and get the one that works with your budget and is most suitable for how you want to use it. As I said above, software programs get more complex, more demanding, every year. The software in development right now, will be designed for the best processors available right now. Eventually, over the next few years, an older processor will start to show its age: a new processor (12th or 13th gen) not so much.

Best Buy makes it easy to know which processor is present on each laptop they carry. In the name of each laptop, Best Buy shows you the type of processor and which generation too. So take some time to look at the selection of laptops and find the one perfect for you.

If you win this contest, they you will be really set up for success at school, success at work, and success at play! Look at these two prizes then enter.

This contest is now closed. We will draw the winners soon in accordance with the rules. Return to the blog often to read great articles, learn about the latest technology, and to enter more contests. You never know when we’ll be doing another amazing giveaway!

I am happy to announce the winner(s) of this contest:

Rino M – Surrey, BC
Sonia B – Montreal, QC

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Elden Ring game on the PC cuz it was graphic intensive

Cyberpunk 2077 by quite a bit.

It probably would have been No Man’s Land but I got that refunded; that was as demanding as Crysis used to be on old machines.

The most demanding software that I’ve ever used is probably Autodesk Maya. While working on an animated short, either when rendering a scene with a couple million polygons or running a liquid or cloth sim, my system resources are completely decimated.

Adobe Photoshop for editing photos and videos.

posted on Twitter (@futuretrunks99) :: https://x.com/futuretrunks99/status/1698936018072989800?s=46&t=5WKBJkcFa6hJKAie7jql3A

The most demanding software I have ever used was Adobe Illustrator to design an academic journal during my post-grad.

Twitter / X @redacted1010


Adobe Photoshop for editing photos for our family!

Shared on Twitter @realsamyung

Cyberpunk 2077

Artwork for t-shirts and signage using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

The most demanding software I’ve used is Adobe After Effects. It’s an advanced video editing and motion graphics tool. After Effects pushes computer hardware to its limits, as it’s used for creating intricate visual effects, animations, and compositing in films, advertisements, and multimedia projects.

Adobe Photoshop when I was trying to edit/create photos and graphics for my blog years ago.

Valorant to play video games with friends

posted on instagram—@linbenfa55


posted on twitter—@benfalin1

Cyberpunk 2077 was the most graphically demanding game I ever played on my PC.

the game elden ring, pc requirements

The most graphically demanding game I’ve played on my computer is the game- Cyberpunk 2077!

The most demanding would have been our photo app or accounting app. Not easy for some:))

Adobe Photoshop for editing our family photos and videos.


The most demanding software I have used was MatLab; that software was used for analysing data.

posted on twitter as @rlp486

Probably escape from tarkov or star citizen.

The most demanding software I have used was PeopleSoft by Oracle for our accounting program at work. Definitely not user friendly

Oh my husband says it’s definitely Starfield for him

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Using an AI-based application to restore and upscale old home movies stored on VHS, etc. tapes. It was called waifu2x & my current PC totally failed to run it.

posted on twitter— @shiwei93038663

The most demanding for me was Adobe Photoshop for my job and it was really easy to use.


Autodesk ReCap Pro, a 3D scanning and graphics software program for engineering works and modelling

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The most demanding software I have ever used has been the Adobe Photoshop which I use to edit my photos.



Adobe Premiere is the most demanding software I’ve used.

Adobe photoshop to work on an older computer for editing pictures.

I would have to say Photoshop for family video and photo editing.

Adobe Photoshop for editing my photos

The most demanding softwear I have ever used is Adobe Photoshop for editing my photos

Cyberpunk 2077 was the most demanding game I ever played on my PC.

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